Thank you so much! For real, everytime I go for my adjustment sessoin my body feels like brand new. I definitely recommend it for athletes and anybody else. I’ll definitely go again.
— Edgar S.
Obviously I’m a special case:
I got surgery due to osteomyelitis and thoractic outlet syndrome and recently I got diagnosed with a cyst which caused swolled muscles. On top of that, my jaw locks up and there were days I just couldn’t eat due to the pain.

Ever since I started visiting Dr. Olivier all my pains have subsided. I couldn’t move the arm I got operated because of the osteomyelitis and now I’m almost 100%.
I’ve been getting regular adjustments to help me with my jaw and now I’m pain free. It was impossible to sleep without a jaw guard, but I don’t have to use it anymore to fall asleep. What’s even more amazing is my jaw no longer locks up.

Later, I was told I had to have shoulder surgery. Obviously I wanted a second opinion. Dr. Olivier has been making regular adjustments on me and has dedicated the time with me to make specific exercises and thanks to his dedication and attention I am improving without needing surgery.

Dr. Olivier has helped me and I didn’t even have to stop working out, I avoided surgeries and I didn’t even have to take meds. He is someone who always greets you with a smile and he’s honest. He’ll take the time to explain step by step what is happening to your body. He is a wonderful human being.

Based on my own experience, I definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve his way of life.
— Cristina F.
Feeling so much better after my course of treatments. Don’t know how I would survive without regular chiropractic adjustments!
— Donna W.
I recommend this chiropractor. He’s very professional.
— Armando B.